Spikewidgets to check quality of channels

I’m using spikeinterface to open files, it could be nice a way to check a bit more the raw signal. For example:

  • Power spectrum of the channels (A sanity check for filters and line noise).
  • Spectrogram of the channels (it could be useful for find noisy segments).

What do you think?

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Hi @ferchaure

Very good idea! I’m on it :slight_smile:

It should be fine to compute spectrum and spectrogram of a 10 s snippet, right?

For the spectrum 10s is fine, but for the spectrogram it could be nice to check all the signal or add an input to choose the start time (is it possible to add a slider or something to the plot to navigate in time?), and in frequency, I think, it can be fine to calculate just from ~50 Hz to ~2000 Hz (you can under-sample the signal).

Yes it’s definitely possible to have a start time and end time, like in the plot_timeseries. Regarding a slider, @magland is building an interactive tool called ephys-viz that will eventually be interface with spikewidgets

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@ferchaure can you add an issue to spikewidgets?